VivSource is an extension of your current staff and employees. Simple as that. Whether you’re a small corner grocery store, new tech start-up, established family business, or a non-profit organization, VivSource’s team will assemble the staff according to the service that your business and enterprise needs in order to lower overhead costs and grow your business. VivSource simplifies processes so that you don’t have to learn new intricate systems. VivSource modernizes your business so you can access your office material from anywhere, at any time. Ultimately, VivSource collaborates with you to assist you in the next steps of growing your business.

Step 1: Contact Us

Preview our services and send us an inquiry on what your business needs are. Our account managers will reach out to you within 24 hours to get the process going.

Step 2: Catered Solution For You

Once our team understands what your business needs are and where you see your business going, we’ll present to you a range of services and strategies to help you reach your goals.

Step 3: Handshakes & Contracts

After reviewing how VivSource can help your business, we’ll sign agreements on how you want to utilize our resources to grow your business.

Step 4: Meet Your New Team

Our team becomes an extension of yours. An account manager will be assigned to you so that you have access to the team to ask any question(s) you may have or send in any request at any time.

Step 5: Project Delivery

Our team will integrate your platform with ours to begin the work, delivering assignments to you in within 24 hours.

Step 6: Review

Our teams keep a constant communication channel with you so that you know the progress of each project. Project reviews will be set up throughout to show progress and an end of project review will be presented so that you can fully review the benefits of our collaboration.